With a tip of the hat to the Autumn Equinox the Suttons Bay Chamber of Commerce is launching its inaugural Meet Us Halfway – Fall For Suttons Bay™ event on Saturday September 22, 2018. The event focuses on the village’s unique geographic location just a mile or two south of the 45th Parallel, or the circle of latitude halfway between the Earth’s equator and the North Pole.

Suttons Bay will be celebrating the harvest of the vineyards and the local farms as the winds shift just a bit with the season. Enjoying yourself upon the waters of the bay can also be quite exhilarating with some exciting sailing and beachgoing just as the waters begin to release the stored energy of the summer months.

“We invite you to come and join the merchants, restaurants, pubs, bed and breakfast inns and other businesses in the Village as we celebrate the autumnal equinox marking the end of summer and the beginning of fall, and while we prepare for the glorious vibrancy of the color season”, said Suttons Bay Chamber President Karen Pontius. ”Nothing is more enjoyable than a bright and balmy day when locals and visitors meet halfway.”